Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bits n' Pieces

I am slowly making progress on E's room.  I thought I'd share some bits and pieces of what's been happening.



Her current dresser will be a DIY, painted to achieve a cerused oak or limed oak finish, similar to the finish pictured above.


Storage baskets.  

Accent Table.


Threshold line for Target.

If you haven't checked out the Threshold line at Target, you're missing out.  Some incredible things especially for the kitchen!

Anyhoo, things are slowly evolving!  There are certainly more elements, but what fun would it be to show you everything? ;)  


  1. These girls rooms are so much fun, aren't they? This is going to be so pretty for her. And yes, love the Threshold line - some cute stuff. I'm resisting all purchases until we're in our new home - whenever that may be.

  2. Lookin' good thus far, Fran! Can't wait to see it unfold. Haven't checked out the Treshold stuff yet...gotta get on that. I'm loving that kitchen pic.

  3. Lucky girl!! And I agree, can't seem to get enough shopping at Target lately!

  4. Fran, you are a lady with great taste! I love every one of your choices, especially the fabric.

    Threshold...I tell you, Target knows what to do to sell stuff!

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