Thursday, January 17, 2013

Should a Master Work Double Time?

I'm slowly getting a better feel how each room will function for us as family with two small children in our new home.  I'm currently considering creating an office space in our master bedroom.  Our master certainly has the space to adequately accommodate it.  Now, is it ideal when the master should be considered the place of refuge?  Probably not, but the ideal space is our small den (on the main level) which is currently being transformed into a small TV and toy storage room.  There is no room to add a desk.  The only other option is the guest bedroom on the 3rd floor which seems too far removed from the rest of the house.

I read some where that the bedroom should be one of the most welcoming rooms: focused on comfort and pleasure in every detail.  It is the room more than any other that allows us to take refuge.  Therefore, forcing your bedroom to work double time (and serve as an office space) diminishes its ability to offer you a sense of peace.

I agree with this in theory, but I do believe you can create an office area that is peaceful, tranquil and chic without letting it take over the rest of the room.  The fortunate thing is both my husband and I don't work from home and we both have offices at our place of employment.  So, this office space would be more of a place to answer emails, research stuff, surf the internet, blog, shop online, pay bills, and store some frequently accessed files, etc.

What are your thoughts on this?  I think all of the above images could easily fit into the decor of a master bedroom without compromising the peace and tranquility that a bedroom should serve.  


  1. I don't know. For us personally, it wouldn't work because our bedroom is our refuge. When I'm ready to retire for the night and get away from it all, I'll usually curl up in bed with a book or magazine. I rarely bring the laptop to bed with me, and I like it like that. Although, our office space in the basement right now isn't cutting it for me either but it will have to do for the time being. In the right sized room, I think this is a great option to consider - especially if it is far away enough to not have to stare at the computer/work/bills. You bring up a great point and one that I will need to consider in the future.

  2. When you have limited square footage you have to be creative! I think it could work, as long as it doesn't dominate the space. I'm considering a "cloffice" in our guest bedroom closet, but that project is pretty far down the list. Good luck with it!

  3. My "office" is in my room and I use it for the exact things you described. It is inside an armoire, though, so I can shut it all up.

  4. We have our office in our bedroom because we didn't want to have to go upstairs to the bonus room. I am thinking I might like it better up there though.

  5. Ideally the office would be in a separate room, but in a small house you do what you need to do. These are all lovely inspirations, and I know you can make a desk and some closed storage look chic and calming and not wreak havoc on your oasis!

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