Thursday, October 4, 2012

Double Duty

Before we bought our house, I knew I wanted an oriental/persian rug in our kitchen.  However, never did I think I would be considering a couple of them for just the kitchen.  Huh?  Well, our kitchen is a nice size and the dilemma is that our kitchen flooring is all white tile. Yuck and double yuck especially when you have little ones and the side entrance is off the kitchen.

I'm not ready (at least, just yet) to tear out the white tile and put in hardwood.  So, I want to hide the tile with rugs, but since it is a larger space I'm considering more than one rug.

Here are some images I found that get pretty excited about the idea.

Note that all the images have hardwood floors which I think is a great backdrop for oriental/persian rugs.  I'm not sure about white tile?  But, I think if I do a good job covering most of the tile, it won't look that bad.  

The good thing with using more than one of these rugs (in the same room) is anything goes;  in other words, any mix of color and pattern works.  The bad thing is that this could get pricey.  The answer?  I'm going to have to take it slow.  Buy one.  Live with it a while and then build from there.  Now, the hard part....which one to buy????


  1. New reader here (I believe I found you through a comment you left on one of my favorite blogs, Nine & Sixteen?), and not to sound totally stalkerish, but we might possibly reside in the same town. Regardless, I think there is nothing cozier in a kitchen than a Persian rug, and dream of adding one to my own kitchen one day. (You think white kitchen tile is awful? Try jade green - aiee.) Can't wait to see what you pick out!

    (Btw, if you aren't sure where to look and we do in fact live in the same town, check out Three Ladies Antiques - we found a gorgeous Oriental / Persian there. It's one of our most favorite purchases.)

  2. This is a great idea Fran to achieve the look that you like and to hide the white tile. And as a side note, we have hardwood floors in our kitchen and I love them. I wouldn't necessarily choose the stain that they chose but they're great and I would do them again in a heartbeat. Will you be showing us a photo of your kitchen? :) Pretty please.

  3. Oh, I love a mix of patterned rugs! I also have one suggestion for that kitchen entrance: what about layering a sisal mat under a persian type rug? It will add a nice texture layer and is pretty hardwearing for little feet coming and going.
    Post some pics! Your new home sounds lovely and I'd love to see what the new kitchen looks like!

  4. Fran, my house has a white tile floor in the kitchen too (inherited) I have a big Oriental runner on the sink wall - you'll love it!

  5. It adds such a punch to white tile floors and any kitchen - can't wait to see what you choose!

  6. These are amazing designs just love them all,thanks for sharing such good ideas with all.