Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Perfect Layout

One of things I am struggling to find while searching for a home is an ideal layout for a family especially with small children.  The town we're looking at in CT has a lot of charm and is known for their 'older' houses.

Unfortunately, with many of these older houses, you sacrifice a lot of today's 'wants'.  Many of these older houses have smaller rooms instead of an open concept, lower ceilings as oppose to higher ceilings, a confusing layout as oppose to an ideal layout for a family with kids.

So, it came as no surprise at all, when I stumbled on this beautifully designed home by Sally Wheat via Cote de Texas, and thought the layout was perfect especially for a family.

The Entry

Okay, besides the absolutely gorgeous decor, let's look at the architectural details for a moment.  You walk in and immediately can see to the back of the house!  The french doors lining the back wall of the house immediately make the house feel spacious bringing lots of natural light.  It is wide with tall ceilings - more than one person can stand in the entryway at a time! 

See how wide and how tall the ceiling is?  My dream.  Immediately off to the left and right of the entry is the formal dining and living rooms.  Perfect layout in my book.  To see more of those rooms, please read Joni's entire post here

Another view from the entry leading into the family room.  And, for the record, I am absolutely in love with the brick flooring.  Your eye is immediately drawn to the flooring and it adds so much texture and warmth!

The Family Room

A bright and airy family room lined with french doors leading off to an outdoor space.  Brilliant.  Great for entertaining and bringing the outdoors inside!  Built in bookcases flanking the fireplace.  Again tall ceilings which always makes a space feel a lot larger.  

Directly behind the family room couch is the kitchen!  Yeah!  Perfect if you have small children because you can cook and watch your children play or watch t.v. in the family room.  I like how the staircase is viewable from the family room, kitchen and even the entry hall.  

The Kitchen

And, the piece de resistance (in my book) is the eat in kitchen.  How gorgeous is this kitchen?  Where we are looking, it is impossible to find an eat in kitchen.  It seems to get that, we'll need to go up at least 50 to 100K in price!  Unbelievable!  

And, you can't see it here, but the kitchen has a small hallway that links directly to the dining room which looks like it houses a bar or a butler's pantry.  This home is absolutely stunning and I need to write an entirely different post to capture all the beautiful decor details.  To see more of this home and to learn more about it's stunning design, go to Joni's post here.

So, this is my perfect layout for our future home!  Is this too much to ask for? ;)  



  1. Wow - that is a beautiful house. My sister just moved to CT and is also in the process of house-hunting. Good luck finding your dream home :)

  2. The openness, the French doors, the oodles of light...of course it's not too much to ask!

  3. Yes, this is a gorgeous home. Everything feels so friendly!


  4. Layout is never as important as when you have a family. The only places we've lived in in the last ten years have been vintage 20s where the kitchen is always the afterthought and stuck in the back of the house away from the living spaces. No one wants to have kids underfoot while cooking in a small kitchen, but we do want to have them nearby. Yeah, I hear you! It is something to definitely consider when buying a house!

  5. Agree with everything Camille said above - layout is even more important with a family. I'd love to buy an older home for our next house but I know that the layout is going to be the downfall and I know we're not going to want to wait to renovate or have the money to renovate right away after purchasing our long-term home. We cut half of our wall in our current home to make a counter from the kitchen to the dining area, and I don't know how we would function without that renovation now. I can be in the kitchen while my daughter is playing. I'll have to check out more of this home because it's gorgeous.

  6. Wow, I so agree with you, Fran, that this layout is perfect. And so hard to find in the older homes that I am drawn to as well. Hard to renovate to make this happen too!