Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gruss Gott: Weeks 8, 9 & 10

My back is slowly getting better - thank you for your kind 'get well' emails.  Fortunately, I found a great osteopath through a recommendation of a friend and he helped me get my back in order.  But, it has taken me close to two weeks to recover and I am still not 100%.  Sitting at the computer still hurts my back so I need to take it slow with blogging.

So, here is snapshot of what we have been up to in Vienna.

Luke at Schloss Schonbrunn (the summer castle of the Austrian Imperial a tourist attraction).  Kids get to dress up in the last 18th century garb (in the time of Mozart).  Here he is as Konig Luke.

Here he is in another get-up.  I hope those wigs don't have head lice.  

Here is Luke and mommy outside the Schloss Schonbrunn.  Yes, this is their summer residence!  

During our stroll one afternoon through the center of Vienna, we stumbled onto a woodcarver's shop which housed adorable wooden clocks, dolls, etc. for children.  Here is Luke with Pinocchio.

A dinner out with the family am Naschmarkt (outdoor market blocks from our house).  I find that it is really easy to go out to dinner with kids here in Vienna.

Here is Luke on top of the Vienna Aquarium.  In good weather, the view is supposed to be really good.  You can see Mariahilfastrasse Kirche (church) in the background.  Just think this is a good picture of him.

This is the family at Prater, a large park over near toward the Danube.  It used to be the Imperial Hunting Grounds (off limits to commoners like us).  We had a picnic.  

I think E has a question - since she is raising her hand. 

At Prater there is a minor amusement park with a couple of rides (most of Prater is a walking park with lots of green spaces.)  Anyway, Luke and Kevin went on the bumper cars.  He was so excited to drive!

That is it for now!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Today, we're off to a friend's country house!  Excited to see the Austrian landscape outside of the city.  


  1. Looks like Luke is quite the man about town! He's so adorable, especially in his regal 18th century garb!

    Glad to hear your back is on the mend, too.

  2. Ooh, have fun on your country visit! Take lots of pics! xoxo

  3. Glad you are feeling better! Looks like you all are having a great time and keeping very busy in Vienna . Curious why going out to eat there is easier with kids?