Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gruss Gott Week 6 and 7

I'm sorry I've gotten so behind with my Gruss Gott posts.  Oh well.  I'll start off with week 6 and 7 will catch up soon with the rest.

A couple of weekends ago, we met up with one of Kevin's friends and her family.  They went to Michigan together and her family was here in Europe also doing a sabbatical too (Germany and Italy).  Anyway, we met for dinner at Zwolf Apostlekeller, built in 1339.  And, it was great fun!

Zwolf Apostlekeller 

So, part of our daily routine here in Vienna, is the playground.  Practically everyday after I pick up Luke from school, we hit the playground.  What is great about where we live is that there are four fantastic playgrounds all within short walking distance from our apartment and Luke's school.  And, it is not uncommon for Luke to meet up with his school buddies and just run rampant.

Am Naschmarkt (literally a block from our apartment)

A little zipline action

E taking her first stab at the slide

What amazes me is that regardless of the weather (rain, freezing cold, sun or snow) kids are always playing at the playground.  They just throw on their rain gear or snow gear and hit the playgrounds.  It is pretty awesome.  

The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, they celebrate carnival here (or Fasching).  It's a bit like Mardi Gras expect not as wild.  Kids dress up in costumes and everyone eats Krapfens (jelly donuts).  These are true bakery donuts, more of a pastry than a Dunkin Donuts type donut.  The idea is that kids get their fill of Krapfens on Tuesday and then give them up for Lent.  Anyway, Luke, of course, dressed up as a pirate and they had a big party at school.  I'm still waiting for the school to send me the pictures, but I thought I'd share Luke's costume.  

This is a store window of one of Vienna's most famous bakeries (Demel) and this window is dedicated to Fasching.  Do you notice the puppet's bodies?  

They are all Krapfens!  How cute is that?!?  

Last weekend Luke and I went to the Naturhistorische Museum with Luke (see some of the pictures here).  It was great for both of us.  The architecture was unbelievable and the exhibits were interesting for both of us and very interactive.  Definitely a must-see for families with kids.  

Okay, well, that is all for now.  Will update more later.  Tschuss!  


  1. Luke is so cute as a pirate! How in the world did you find all the stuff you needed to make the costume? I can't imagine since being new in city often means not knowing how to find places that might sell an eye patch!

    Would love to see pictures of your place, Fran.

  2. How happy does Luke look?! Actually you all look blissful. Glad you're enjoying your time there!