Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Wooden Chests (with some styling thrown in)

One of the many things I have been on a lookout for is a good sized vintage wooden chest that would serve as a nice piece in an entryway or in a living or dining room.  I figure this won't be too difficult to find and I've been gathering inspirational pictures so when I see the right one I can nab it.

In the image above, I like the flat front drawer panels and the two toned wood.  It doesn't hurt that this one is paired with a gilded louis philippe mirror (another thing I want to get, btw).  

Again, I like the flat front drawer panels and the knobby knobs.  It's rather simple with no observable carvings or details.  I like it.  A rather simple wooden chest that won't mind if the styling steals the show! :) 

Another chest with flat front drawer panels.  I would replace the drawer pulls.  

Perfect - flat front drawer panels with substantial wooden knobs.  Just how I like it!  

This chest has more detailing than the previous ones and gives off a different kind of air - a bit more refined.  I posted it because I love the marble top.  The styling is incredible.  

Have you noticed the contrast between dark and light with most of the styling in the pictures I posted?  A dark chest and a light (either glass or white) table lamp.  Hmmm, I need to make a mental note.

All images via pinterest

I found this at bdantiques which has the look I like.  This is a more of a dresser than a chest (with the two smaller top drawers), but nevertheless I like it.   I hope I am lucky when we're back stateside!  


  1. LOVe em allll!! I recently did a post about old chests also; I have SO many in my house, I just can't get enough!

  2. I'm really happy to see the resurgence of keeping beautiful furniture unpainted. I'm glad none of these chests are lacquered or painted a bold color. Nothing wrong with color, but pieces like these are too beautiful to be covered in paint!

  3. I love all of your images Fran. You cannot go wrong with a chest of drawers. One of the most versatile pieces of furniture ever. I am looking forward you to coming back to the US and putting all of your great ideas to work :)

  4. Fran, I just couldn't agree more! To me, this is the perfect combination: antique stained wood chest, a pretty lamp, a mirror, and some books and little gorgeous accessories.

  5. Love your inspirations, Fran! I will be wishing you good antiquing karma!

  6. It was one of those beautiful French Marquetry wooden chests in a marble top finish that caught my attention as the the design, style, ornamentation, inlay work and woodwork seemed to be brilliant in terms of craftsmanship and the icing on the cake was the rich hand polishing and distressed painting that added to the charm of the designer French chests that looked superb. I got hold of a Bombe chest which was perfect for my bedroom and it was certainly priced competitively when compared to other furniture stores in London.