Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mecox's Winter Windows

Mecox Gardens NYC is collaborating with some of their favorite interior designers to design their NYC storefront window.  Currently on display (until the end of February) is Rita Konig's vignette.

I promise I'll get off my Rita kick, but I've been really enjoying reading her blog and website lately.  So, how do you like her vignette?   I could totally see myself curled up on that gray mohair chaise with a hot cup of tea!  I love the vibrancy of the accent colors (chartreuse, purple, pink, coral) against a rather neutral (gray and white) palette.  

The rug is fantastic and I like the playful gray lacquered table with the polished metal base, it keeps things from being too serious.  And, how fun are those lacquered ice buckets?  Yes, those are from Rita's new line of furniture and accessories.  Yes, you heard me - how awesome is that - she is designing a line of furniture and accessories.   

To see the complete line-up of interior designers, go here.  What a brilliant idea!!  So fun!


  1. Beautiful! I'm crazy about that side table!

  2. Oh that chaise is heaven! I wish I was there!

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  4. I'm right there with you on Rita - love everything she does! Oh, I've included you in a little blog chain letter thingy. If you're interested, go check out my post for the details. All good fun!

  5. I didn't know Rita Konig had a blog! Can you imagine being asked to create a window vignette, Fran? I'd die of happiness and would probably spend hours creating it!