Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Completely Adorable

This idea, while not completely new, is completely adorable and I plan on doing some version of it when the little peanut arrives.  How cute are these onesies!

My girlfriend did a similar idea for her twins - she got very creative.  If she'll let me, I would love to post them.  I like the idea of taking monthly pictures to capture their growth and changes!

In other news, I'll be a little sporadic these days, lots going on - preparing to put the house on the market,  pending baby arrival, etc.  Bear with me.  :)  


  1. That's adorable. You could even stencil your own if you were so inclined.

  2. You are selling your pretty home? Did I know this??! While preparing for a new babe! You've got your plate packed to the brim!! Best of luck!! Xo, Tessa

  3. Lovely! You can also buy adorable stickers that say the same thing on Etsy! So, you can uses the onuses you already have. So excited for you!

  4. I hope all is well Fran. Missing you :)