Monday, March 14, 2011

Mary McDonald on OKL

Did you get a chance to preview Mary McDonald's tastemaker tag sale on OKL this past weekend?  Wow! I saved nearly every photo for inspiration.  She is so insanely talented....

I'm dying to get her book, Mary McDonald Interiors: The Allure of Style!  Here are some of her pieces on OKL that caught my eye!

While, I don't have $800 to spend on a console, this would be such a fun DIY project.  I love how the stripes add so much whimsy to the console.   If you'd put this in your entryway, you'd be making one dramatic entrance!

How fun would it be to add these identical raspberry lacquered gray flanneled wall chairs next to a console in an entryway!  I am dying over those matching decorative pillows!!

This used to be in Mary's Kings Road guest house!  I love the cast brass legs with ribbon detail.  So unique.

Did you notice that this was her chair used in the domino picture of her office?    

Boy, do I love these bamboo demilune tables - what a find!

And, I also had to throw in these painted bamboo chairs - how fun would these in a sunroom?  Heck, I'd even use them in my living room!

Honestly, I could have added every piece of furniture she had for sale in this blog post - it is that good.  It is no wonder that every item is sold out!  Wouldn't you just love to go shopping with her?


  1. One would have had to be on OKL the minute the sale was announced to get anything - what a fabulous collection from a divine designer!

  2. Love the striped console. That would be a really fun way to take a traditional piece and update the look.

  3. Love those bamboo items as well.

  4. I love it all Fran! Those bamboo demilune tables are great.

  5. I agree - those bamboo demilune tables are amazing, so is everything else!! I've always loved that office as well!

  6. Honestly, everything sold so quickly, I could not have bought anything if I had wanted to. Totally cool items. She is awesome!

    Amy R.

  7. I covet just about everything she had at her sale. Fortunately for my wallet, I logged on way too late to take advantage....

  8. I love everything she does. Those bamboo demilunes are brilliant!

  9. I'm enthralled by designers like her, who seamlessly blend glam, preppy and bohemian. Style Icon for sure! Bummed I missed it.

  10. She did have some amazing pieces on OKL. I was so tempted to pick some stuff up. What great style she has.

    I have been a fan of her work for years.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  11. Those demi-lune tables would be very versatile.

  12. The stripe console is it!!

  13. I might just give my right arm for those bamboo chairs - they're to die for!!


  14. I would LOVE to go shopping with her!
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  15. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post such a sweet a comment on my giveaway. Really thoughtful of you!! xoxo Love your blog btw!!!!!