Friday, January 28, 2011

Striking My Fancy

Lately I am finding things left and right that I want for our home.  So tempting....

I'm currently considering these sconces for our bathroom renovation.  Love the quatrefoil detail.  

These are on clearance from JCP and think they would look lovely in our family/living room.  

I just purchased these spotty coasters from Jamie's furbish shop.  

Love this Madeline Weinrib 'Mandala' look a like for our upstairs hallway.  

Lucite nesting tables for our family/living room.  

I have been in love with the Angela Adams Mammy charcoal rug for so long - I need to find a place in our home for it!

Loving these tissue covers - would be perfect touch for my son's room. 

Ok, back to reality!  How about you - anything you've been coveting for some time now?
Happy Weekend!


  1. Fran, I would be very happy with any of the Madeline Weinrib rugs. Those are the cutest coasters I have seen. I need to check her shop more often. Have a great weekend!


  2. Love all your picks. I have a huge list and it won't be checked off anytime soon! Unfortunately.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. All great things! I hope you get to purchase at least a few of those fun items for your home :)

  4. Too much to list - panton chairs for my dining room table ends, wallpaper for the foyer, and new upholstery for my vintage sofa are tops on the list!

  5. Love these! Those tissue covers are genius. I hate ugly tissue boxes but my kids always need them nearby. Thanks for sharing this cute solution!

  6. Love your picks! I am so into those sconces too!

  7. Beautiful selections! Now, if only window shopping could be as fun as the real thing...happy weekend, Fran!

  8. Hi Fran...visiting for the first time by way of Cottage & Vine...let me just say I am
    L-O-V-I-N-G your blog! You've got fabulous taste! Can't wait to read more posts!! Tessa

  9. I really like the sconces! Such a fun base shape!

  10. wonderful selection! lovely greetings

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