Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting Set

Do you love your wedding china?  If I could do it all over again, I would not have registered for our wedding china.  I had no idea what I wanted and felt pressured to pick a pattern.  Unfortunately, I picked something that I am just not thrilled about and now I want to sell it.  Here it is Wedgwood's India pattern.  
At our tag sale this weekend, a lovely woman told me that Replacements will buy your china.  Did you know that?  I'm definitely going to look into that.  My problem is that too many patterns appeal to me so I don't think I could ever just settle for one set.   I love my mom's china - Burgenland from Villeroy and Boch.
And, I like the idea of blending pieces - a piece from her collection and pairing it with a vintage or more modern/edgy serving piece.  Did you know there is a service in NYC called The Silver Peacock that will take your heirloom china and work with you to find complements to coordinate with your inherited piece? Pretty cool, huh?  But, personally, I think it takes all the fun away from doing it yourself.
In the meantime, how adorable is this blended vintage china set above or the patterned vintage china set below?  Too cute - I definitely feel inspired by this.
But for starters, I'd opt for a minimalistic set that is classic, timeless and refined.  Something like this to add pattern pieces too if I desire.  I love the monogram touch.
So, what about you do you love your wedding china?


  1. I inherited a set of white wedgewood china from my parents that I adore-it has embossed white flowers on white background with silver trim. Because I had this, we didn't register for wedding china- I also have a set from my mother in law that we use for everday. I like having a neutral set that I can layer on top of and definitely like the idea of unmatched sets. I have started collecting vintage floral plates and love the look of mix matched pretty plates at a table. I love your mom's set- the vivid blue is gorgeous! I can relate to picking stuff and then not liking it years later so I say go for the sale. I picked up and sold almost everything we owned (mostly bought when we got marrrid 6 years ago)last year on craigslist and I have never regretted it- I am so much happier being surrounded by things I really really like.

  2. This post made me very happy Fran. I'm with you on feeling pressured to make a choice when you get married. Now I love mixed patterns and bright colors. Replacements is here in NC and I drive by it often. We have taken many a castoff there.


  3. We registered for Wedgwood White China and I actually used them as our every day dishes for years. They are dishwasher safe, delicate looking, classic, and look fabulous with many different linens.

    I love the monogrammed white dishes you featured! Good luck with your search! abby

  4. I'm getting married in May and my biggest concern is picking a china pattern that I'll dislike in a few years, which is the reason I am delaying my registration process! I'm hoping, actually, to register for something neutral (i.e., Heath Ceramics) that I can use as a base other printed pieces that I will swap in depending on my mood. I love the mixed set from Country Living, though--very unique and personalized.

  5. I love our pattern and chose it with the intent to mix and match pieces later in life. We have Kate Spade Downing Street and we love that it has a mix of the gold and sliver bands. I am also getting my great grandmother's set passed down that will work with it as well. I have to wait awhile on that one though.
    I am all for choosing something you love but if you're not sure either get something simple or not at all. Or, you can always sell to Replacements which is great for selling and buying!

  6. My mom suggested to me that I would be wise to register for 12 sets of every day china instead of the fancy stuff. I chose a reasonably priced all white china with a lily detail (also white)and have never regretted the choice. I just wish they still made my pattern. I'm down to only 6 dinner plates! Does replacements sell every day china too?

  7. How was your tag sale?

    I LOVE mine. But I knew even then that I was a white kinda girl. I got Wedgewood Strawberry & Vine. Really an everyday china. I still love it.

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for adding me to your blog roll! You're on mine too--of course. ;-)

  9. I actually DO love my wedding China! I picked a really modern pattern by Rosenthal and use it every chance I get. I love your idea of picking up a few sets of vintage China and blending them on the table!

  10. No wedding china. Recently went from a semi vintage set of dainty flowers to a semi vintage set of plain modern white and grey.

    I had planned to sell the flowery ones but ended up giving them away to some newly married and on a budget friends, which turned out to be more rewarding.