Friday, September 10, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

I am slowly working on our upstairs hallway (landing) and am trying to find the 'rug' that is going is going to make shout, "That's it!".  I can't blame you if you have forgotten and are asking, "What hallway is she talking about?".   Remember?
I recently ordered this beauty from Rugsusa.  
I wanted to add yellow to the space because the upstairs hallway/landing leads directly into our bathroom.  If the bathroom door is open, you will have direct view of the window coming up the stairs and I'm using this fabric for a fixed roman shade.
I like the yellow with the blue against an otherwise all neutral (beige, brown & white) backdrop.  I wasn't too impressed with the rug. The yellow isn't a bright yellow (like the picture); it's more a mustard yellow. For $145, it left me saying "ho-hum" and the hand woven material wasn't cutting it for me.  So, back to the drawing board.

Here are some other options I'm considering.  I'm now thinking more of a neutral color for the rug and will incorporate the yellow via accessories.  
Think the light blue would complement the navy blue in the roman shade fabric.  
Love the pattern below.  It is very similar to the tile pattern we will have on our bathroom floor (Daltile's 2" hexagon). 
Love the faux bois - such a great neutral. 
I brought home a sample of Dash Albert's circle fret rug and loved it!! It is just pricey.  
So, what are your thoughts? Any favorites? Should I try other colors?  Do I seem desperate for help??  Well, I am!! :)  
Have a great weekend everyone!!  And, thanks again for all your help!!


  1. e e e e e!!! So neutral, still. Definitely my vote!

  2. Great choices! My favorites are B & F. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  3. I like "D"... I would be afraid that some of the taupe/beige combos would be too matchy, matchy with the walls??? But, that's just me! xo -Chris

  4. What a tough decision--all of the choices are beautiful! I like B, C, and F and can tell you first hand that C is a great rug. I own it in gray and have been very pleased with it.

  5. It's so disappointing when you have a plan and it ends up not working out because of one element. I like all of the rug selections but I think I'd avoid using another blue since the fabric you chose is blue. How about a color that will contrast instead?

  6. Oh no. I'm sorry that your plan didn't work. Yellow sounds like such a great idea. All of the choices are beautiful. I'm wondering about something black/geometric like option D.



  7. Hmm...tough! I'm with you in that I like a more neutral rug with fun yellow accessories. I do love A and E!

  8. I'm for option E! So disappointing when you order something and it's not quite what it looked like. Be sure to tell us what you end up with. :D Erica

  9. So many great choices, no idea how you are going to pick just one. Sorry I'm totally no help, but I love them all!

  10. Oh bummer that yellow rug looks so cool in the photo too! I'm kinda leaning towards f!
    Hope you had a great weekend doll!

  11. I'd go with e as well. i love faux bois. having a neutral hallway will allow all the upstairs rooms, including the bathroom, to show off their color and character.

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