Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Change the look instantly

Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes.  So thoughtful and kind.  They really made my day!!  It was a great way to start off on a Monday!  And, yes, my husband is a keeper!  Thank you, Kevin.
So, we have a sofa that I inherited that sits in our family/living room and well, it's all wrong - the color, shape and size.  But, at this point of the game, I'm not willing to invest in brand new sofa until we move into a new house.  So, what to do?  I'm on the search for a throw to change the look.  Check out how these throws really change the look of the sofa or chair: 
Do you agree?  A throw really changes the look instantly and many times it is such a minor investment. I believe Emily spent $4 on her white Ikea throw below.
 I've noticed that many throws are the same color of a chair in the room or an accompanying accent color.  I have a navy sofa with some new orange/red/white damask pillows.  I've already tried some throws (in various colors) but I have yet to find the right one.  I'm on it, though.   

In the meantime, these throws are on sale and are exceptionally beautiful.  Organic cotton and incredibly soft (I felt them) and for $37.  They feel and look expensive!


  1. Fran,
    I love this idea! I may use it on my own "doesn't work" couch. I have to tell you that I considered using your fist image in my post for today...and that was BEFORE I saw your post! Our brains are really on the same track these days.

  2. Have you tried taking one of your pillows with you when you are throw hunting? I've found that when I buy online sometimes the colors aren't true to the image we see.

    Throws definitely are a good way to take the attention away from a sofa or chair that isn't working.

  3. I love your inspiration images for throws. Maybe a seasonal color would work too - even if it doesn't "match" the sofa.

  4. Great idea... helps hide the "wrongness" of your step-sofa and injects a little color at the same time! Love it!

  5. Yes, I have actually used this myself to cover up some "ugly". I love the orange throws in the first image. Please share pics when you find your new throw.

  6. GREAT idea! Adding that little touch really does cover some of the ugly, and lets your style peep through!

  7. Great post! I do this myself! : )