Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NYC Recap

I spent the weekend painting our upstairs hallway and I'm digging the new color - Benjamin Moore's Cloud Cover.  My husband showed me how to "cut in".  Man, once you get a paint brush in your hand, a sudden urge comes over you to start painting everything under the sun.  I kept telling my husband, I want to paint our staircase banister a glossy black!!  But, before I digress any further, here are some pictures of my whirlwind day in NYC.  I started on the upper east side (70's and Lex) - Mecox Gardens.
Doesn't the mirror look familiar?  A little LOT like Ballard's Atoll mirror.  Love the lamps!
Mecox Garden was by far my favorite design store.  Having never been and having heard so much, I didn't walk away disappointed.  

Some random shots of the upper east side.

Down to midtown - stopped into M&J Trimming.  
Down to the lower east side and stopped into John Derian' s store.

I didn't get to hit every place I wanted, but I definitely got my 'fix'.  I told my husband he's very lucky we don't live in Manhattan or nearby!  It was so fun to just have some me time and look at pretty things all day long!  I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


  1. Oh boy - you went to some drop-dead amazing places! I have also never been to Mecox, but would die to go. And John Derian and M&J? Heaven!

  2. Can I go with you next time? How fun...and I can't wait to see the cloud cover...and I say go crazy with the stairs.

  3. Great pics. To be near M&J and all that greatness would be a dream to me. I'm anxious to see your hallway. I love cloud cover.


  4. loving those last shots of john derian's and mj trimming. can't wait to see the big painting before and after. woo hoo!

  5. Yes, I'll take one of everything shown above!

    Please, do a post on how to cut in. This is a skill that has forever alluded me.

  6. Furniture shopping in NYC! Be still my heart! Such wonderful pieces here! I can't wait to see your hallway and a glossy black banister sounds amazing!!!!