Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alan Campbell Textiles

Have you seen this bedroom featured in the latest Traditional Home?  Love!  
For starters, this picture had me when I saw the Nierman Weeks iron canopy bed.  But, then, the alan campbell wallcovering and fabrics drew me in even further.  Is it normal to love every bit of fabric & wallcovering from this collection?  I can't stand it.  For more inspiration from this beautiful home, click here


  1. LOVE that room. Reminds me that I need to run out and get Trad Home this month.

  2. Those Alan Campbell fabrics ARE to die for. Wow. I could totally have them in every room of my house (budget unlimited of course)!

  3. Geez, Fran... How did I miss this one? Awesome fabrics and wallpapers! Again, you've opened my eyes to some lovely things... you never disappoint!
    -ME ox

  4. Wouldn't it be better to use coverings for bed?