Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fabric Sale

I've been busy with spring cleaning and have been sorting through excess piles of fabric and have some that I'm ready to part with.....

Please email me at fmgelineau@msn.com if you'd like to purchase or if you have any questions.  All sales are final.  Prices do not include shipping. 

1) Mod Pod Green's eco-friendly atticus in red (shown above on the slipper chair).  It's 100% organic cotton canvas.  3.5 yards available.  Price: $15/yard.  

2) Company C's Imperial Paisley Aquamarine. 1.3 yards available.  Price: $15/entire piece.  SOLD

3) Roberta Roller Rabbit's flavia fabric.  I am having a hard time parting with this because I am in serious love of that wing back chair.  5 yards available.  Price: $20/yard.  

4) Kalah by Duralee blue ikat.  Available 2.25 yards.  Price: $15/yard.  

5) Tribal Thread Azure fabric.  1 yard available.  Price: $20.  SOLD


6) Pottery Barn's bailey fabric.  Upholstery weight.  Available 3.8 yards.  Price: $7/yard.  

7) Waverly's Williamsburg coral trellis.  Available 1.4 yards.  Price: $13/entire piece.  SOLD.

8) Waverly Cross Section in Green.  45" Wide.  100% Cotton.  Available 2 yards. Price: $8/yard.  SOLD.

9) 60MM Black and White Greek Key Jacquard from M and J Trimming.  Retails for 9.98/yard.  Available 3 yards.  Price: $5/yard.  SOLD.

10) Two black and white trellis patterned pillows.  15x15.  Price: $5 each.  Insert not included. SOLD

11) Calico corner Wilmington multi bolster.  32" long and 10" diameter.  100% linen, hidden zipper and piped edges.  Price (with insert):  $50.  Price (w/o insert): $35.

12) Frenchy Baby brown and cream striped crib skirt.  100% organic cotton.  Drop 15" - 19".  Price: $35

13) KWID Citrine Imperial Trellis Roman Shade.  36"Wide and 39" Long (fully extended).  Has two brackets to attach to wall.  The shade has two spots but you can't see them from far away and you certainly can't see them if the shade is pulled up (like in my kitchen above).  Below is a close-up picture with the spots....hard to see. Price: $130. SOLD.

Please email me at fmgelineau@msn.com if you'd like to purchase or if you have any questions.  All sales are final.  Prices do not include shipping. 


  1. Good stuff Fran! I might be emailing you about a few things if they are still available once we are moved in. I still have no idea what I'm doing in the baby's room but a few of these items might work.

  2. You're selling your famous Roman shade? (I think that may have been what drew me to your blog!) I'm assuming it doesn't fit any of your new windows, huh? You have lots of fun fabric here. Wish I #1. knew how to sew and #2. had something fabulous to use some of this stuff on:/ And yay for purging! Feels great, doesn't it? Have a good weekend, Fran!

  3. Fran, The Roman Shade went perfectly in your kitchen! It was a perfect match! I blogged about your sale. Hope you're getting lots of traffic.


  4. may be too late, but do you still have the Duralee Kalah Blue fabric?

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