Monday, June 4, 2012

Color Crush: Grayish Blues & Magenta

Did you ever watch season one of Million Dollar Decorators?  Remember the episode when Mary McDonald turned down a would be client named, Drew?  Basically, Mary was not impressed with Drew's style and the last straw was when Drew told Mary she wanted her bedroom done in 'magenta'?

I'm not going to lie.  I, too, was like 'magenta'???  Well, I'm somewhat eating my words.

Currently I'm loving the color scheme of grayish/pale blues paired with 'touches' of magenta.  Look at some of these examples I found.

Rashida Jones in Domino

Markham Roberts in House Beautiful

Ashley Whittaker in Domino

Most of the touches of magenta are in the form of flowers, but they do make an impact, no?  

Pale/grayish blues are a nice color choice for bedrooms because they create soothing environments and the touches of magenta add a bit of warmth to the cool yet serene color blue.  


  1. That last one is my favorite - I could do a little magenta. I never watched MDD but I do remember hearing lots of buzz about it.

  2. I admit I love any form of magenta (really, hot pink, right?!) these days. Actually, always. It's so happy! Fun. Lively. I'm doing it in the guest room upstairs. It sparks up the beige. And I love it in flowers. Against the blue-grey it feels so sophisticated.

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