Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gruss Gott!

We got back this week from a visit to my mother's hometown of Trier, Germany.  It had been a little over four years (Luke was 7 months) since we last visited my mother's family.  As a kid, we frequently visited Trier and I have very fond memories of my mother's hometown and her family.

It was such a treat and I was so excited for them to see Luke, now 5 years old, and for them to finally meet Elizabeth.

We stayed in an adorable two bedroom apartment with all the traditional German furnishings.

Before we did anything, I promised Luke we could head to one of my favorite ice cream cafes in Trier and have spaghetti eis (an ice cream sundae that looks like spaghetti).  When we were children, we always came here to have spaghetti eis.

Seeing the spaghetti eis being made was almost as fun as eating it!

Our entire visit was spent visiting family and just having a great time catching up.  There are too many photos to share.  Here are just a couple.  

My Mom's sisters couldn't get enough of the kids!

Here we are on Mother's Day at the playground before going out to a Mother's day lunch.  My stylish cousin, Claudia, playing a game with Luke.

Later that day, we had dinner at my cousin Soraya's home.  A beautiful and delicious feast was served.    

It was a great visit.  You know the one that you don't want to end, but traveling with two small children is no small task.  We came home to a heap full of laundry and sick children.  On top of that I guess I didn't realize that there was a holiday this week in Austria so Luke had no school.  It was a long week, hence the absence here at Green Street.  

Hope you all had a wonderful week and Mother's Day!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't get over how cute your babies are Fran! Glad you had a relaxing time visiting your extended family.

  2. My mom is from Germany too so I would go over every summer! I totally know what Spaghetti Eis und Pinnochio Eis :)