Monday, May 21, 2012

Casual Vibe

Do you ever go through a phase where you've got a particular design style stuck in your head and you can't think of anything else?  Currently, I'm stuck on dining rooms with a casual vibe.

You're going to notice a theme with all these photos.  There usually is a reclaimed wooden dining table that provides the rustic charm paired with either modern chairs or light fixtures which gives the room an edge.

The color palette is restricted and interest is added by textures of materials.  Contrast is the name of the game in the above photo.

Don't you just feel like you can breathe in this room?  Of course, it helps to have very tall ceilings and loads of natural light. ;)

I love the drum pendants and I think the striped rug really makes this whole space so comfortable and casual.  

All images here

I like the mix of dark grasscloth wallpaper and white moldings.  So classic.  

I think this casual look is great for a dining room when you don't have an eat in kitchen.  The rustic table allows for daily usage and wear-n-tear.  

And, if your family is anything like mine it quickly turns into the art room or the game room.  Hmm....definitely something to consider especially when you have children!


  1. Beautiful spaces, Fran. In love with those light fixtures in the first image. Brass + white - love them!

  2. I often find myself looking at rooms that I can relax, spend some time reading and drink my coffee - spaces that we hope to have in our next home. I think the multi-purpose kitchen is so important with families - and you're right it often turns into craft, game, entertaining area.

  3. I live all of your picks. Especially the first two. Gorgeous!

  4. I'm right there with ya, Fran--non-fussy dining rooms have been on my brain lately too. Love that first one. There's just something about a rustic farm table mixed in with some modern elements that gets me every time!

  5. Yes. I am currently stuck in rustic global beach vibe. Love all the photos.

  6. Beautiful inspiration Fran. I could definitely see myself spending time in each one of these rooms. I love the lighting in the first image...gorgeous!

  7. Love the old wooden tables in the pics! I love the casual dining feel as well!

  8. I agree about the striped rug. Well, I agree about all it, actually. I really like the look of bamboo or rattan chairs around a dining table.

  9. I love the casual dining room with the large pictures of the children! So pretty!