Friday, April 20, 2012

Simply Inspired....

I wasn't planning a post today, but after spending some time with Luke this morning teaching him how to read, I quickly re-heated my coffee for the fourteenth time while checking pinterest and stumbled on a couple of images that really made my day!!  I just had to post them.

It's the creation of the mother and daughter design team, Suzanne and Lauren McGrath, from Good Bones Great Pieces.

I like the restrained color palette with small doses of color, in this case, pink.  A look that I am going to try to achieve in our next home.

Again, a restrained color palette with minimal color.  How amazing is that scroll leg desk used as a night table?  I remember this desk well after seeing it used also as a night table in Lauren's apartment published in Traditional Home.  See below.

I need to find me a desk like this!!  Do you remember that apartment?  I still love it, you can see it here

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 


  1. I do remember that apartment.

    Love the lucite and the pink chairs. And there must be an art to stacking books to actually look like a side table.