Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chevron on the Diagonal

Thank you for your suggestions on yesterday's post.  There were some really good ideas!  A friend of a friend is a color consultant and she has offered to give me some help on choosing a color to paint my house.  So, stay tuned!
This weekend I found an amazing blog - Live.Like.You.  Jill Sorenson (I love her desire for color) owns her own interior design firm called Marmalade Interiors and you must check out her projects.  While browsing her blog, I found this amazing Swedish shop called Brita Sweden.

They have these amazing woven plastic rugs, and one which caught my eye was the Gunnel pattern.  Chevron on the diagonal - how genious!
They are child proof, woven plastic that can be wiped down or thrown in the washer machine.  They are also eco-friendly (no heavy metals or toxic softener) and affordable!  Supposedly, $150 for their largest size (3' x 6.5').  I could definitely see adding this rug to a kitchen for an added punch of color or to a hallway to brighten it up.

You also have to check out their other products!  Colorful kid's aprons and stylish door mats.
And, I couldn't help but add this adorable picture advertising their products.  Too cute!


  1. http://www.countryliving.com/homes/how-to-get-the-look/paint-brush/

    there should be a search here for exteriors (there used to be!)

  2. Love the rugs and chevron print!!

  3. Very fun! I could have used one of these for under the kids' chairs when mine were babies.

  4. love those!! what a great kid friendly rug!

  5. amazing find! I wish I had an excuse to buy it! I'll find one! ;)

  6. Ohhh so fun. I love anything pretty and kid proof.