Friday, June 4, 2010

Today, I'm loving...

Wisteria , a mail-order catalog, known for unique home furnishings typically cheaper than many of the trendy (more expensive) items we love.  Won't you join me as I pick out a few of my favorite pieces?
 Who doesn't love a good spindle?  While not the hickory spool chair, this chair is a pretty close second.
I can't get enough acrylic/lucite these days.  I don't understand why acrylic is so expensive, but you have to admit this adorable side table would look wonderful in any living space. 
I had to throw a little nautical in the mix.  Cool, fresh and coastal.  So fun. 

I'm really not sure what these are?  Supposedly, glass fishing floats.  But, I think they would look very interesting with a vignette of some sort.
You know me, I love a good artichoke .  Those of you searching for one this artichoke on a stand is a great one.  And, these planters are perfection.
An oldie, but goodie.  I adore this inlaid bone flower tray.  I want it!  So, are there any favorites you'd like to share?


  1. Oh Fran, that last Wisteria catalogue absolutely swept me off my feet! That spindle chair is just fabulous! (I know how you like spindley pieces!) These could ALL go on my ever expanding wish list!
    -ME xo

  2. i did a similar post yesterday... i too included that fantastic chair! it's really fantastic!!!!

  3. I love the chair. Wisteria has some great things to offer.

  4. I also love that chair and Wisteria. I have had great success with the things that I have ordered from them.

  5. Love Wisteria. Actually haven't rec'd their catalog in some time. Maybe they kicked me off the mailing list because I am a big looker--but not buyer!

  6. I love the spindle chair. It's such a great price. Don't have the space for it, though. Or else it would belong to me!