Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Next Home: Must Haves

When we move, there are certain design elements and furnishings I know I want to have in our next home.  I thought why not start capturing some of these ideas and thoughts (in no particular order) so when the time comes I can refer back to it and start planning.  So, to start, I would love to have a secretary in our next home. 
These pieces are ideal for small or narrow spaces - in an entryway or between two windows.  They offer great storage for a little real estate.  
While modern versions do exist, I'm partial to more traditional pieces paired with modern pieces.  I could envision it in the hallway, bedroom, living room or office. 
It's a great way to add symmetry.  Do you notice how each of the pieces either have windows, chairs, sconces, ottomans or artwork flanking the piece?  And, who cannot forget Eddie Ross' stylish before & after secretary makeover?
I'm always on the look out for a fabulous secretary and you can be sure there will be one in our next home (whenever that time comes)!


  1. Secretaries aren't too difficult to find either. In the past year I'm seen a number of them at a local consignment shop. Of course they could use a little work, but if you aren't moving soon, you'd have plenty of time to work on a piece if you find a good deal.

  2. I love secretaries! you have found some great inspiration photos!

  3. Agreed! You must have one--and show us what you do with it!! They add such drama, style, class. Adore.

  4. I love those secretaries! Great choice!

  5. Yes...love secretaries as well. These are all such great examples!!!

  6. LOVE secretaries! Wish I had an antique one...but what a do have is the exact black one in the first image from P.B. flanked by 2 stools or 2 chairs, depending on my urge to change things up!!!

    Wonderful collection of images...really enjoyed this!