Monday, February 22, 2010

Spindley Pieces

Are there certain design elements that appeal to you?  There are several elements that appeal to me, but one element that seems to grab my attention is a turned spindle.  I love the look of turned spindles.  Whether it's a floor lamp, bed, desk....I am immediately drawn to it.  This is a departure for me because I usually like classic, simple, and straight lines, but every now and then, I like to throw in a little spindley to keep things interesting.  So, it was no surprise when I snatched up a head and footboard with turned spindles (at a local antique store) for my son's room.  Only $35!

These pics are after we (my husband :)) striped the original paint.  I'll be painting this beauty soon, but more to come on that in a later post.  So, for the fun...I threw in some more spindley pieces:

Gateleg table in Darryl Carter's country home


  1. I love the image of the staircase! All the different spindle shapes painted white is unexpected and awesome! Wow, stripping the paint off of all those bed spindles must have been a real pain but it'll be so worth it when it is done! I can't wait to see how it turns out! Great post... Thanks!

  2. $35 get out of here! What a classic timeless look these pieces are. I love the last image. I keep seeing those type chairs at our flea market. LOVE them.

  3. I want to shop where you got that bed!! $35 you have got to be kidding. Are you going to stain it or paint it? Love to see the finished project. Love Aunt Suz