Friday, January 11, 2013

Knee deep...

in paper!  This year I am trying to pick one to two home related goals each month and try my absolute hardest to get them done.  It's all about time management and that is why you'll probably see me less and less on pinterest.  Up this month is organization.  As you can see, I'm revamping our filing system...

I been using my trusty label maker the Brother P-touch to make our file folder labels.  Is it normal to love a label machine as much as I do??

I am hoping that by getting the paper clutter under control, I can then start focusing on creating my desk space.  I'm loving this office space lately by Kelly McGuill.  I love her sense of style - she is completely inspiring!

I am also working on organizing our kitchen.  There is small part of the kitchen where you come in from the outdoors that I need get organized....think key hooks, bulletin boards, baskets, indoor/outdoor rug, calendar, clock, etc.  I've downloaded this free printable calendar to use on our bulletin board.

Love it!  And, I've been taking advantage of the new year sales and ordering some things to make all my organization projects look pretty!

Got this awesome indoor/outdoor CountryLiving herringbone rug at KMart for $27!

This Landsend seagrass basket (after using 30% discount) for $34.00

This cute chalkboard (not on sale) online via Tracery Interiors. So, that is what I've been up to!  What organization projects have you been working on?  I hope by February I'll have some updates on these projects and pictures to show you!


  1. That's a great basket from Lands End. I've always been really happy with their stuff and you can't beat the sales and using the coupons either. Is the rug pictured with the basket the Country Living one from KMart?

  2. Hi Holly, no the rug pictured with the basket is our DR rug. I have yet to take a picture of the new CL rug yet in its space. Will do soon. If you're interested in the DR rug (from overstock), here is the link:

    It isn't the softest of rugs, but I didn't need a soft rug just a high usage rug that can withstand spills, kids, pets, etc. It's great.

  3. What a great goal for 2013 and what a perfect time of year to get started. LOVE the Lands' End basket! I think you're well on your way to an organized new year.

  4. I feel your pain -- paper and photographs organization is one of my big goals for the year too. Everyday when I get the mail, I cringe at more paper coming into our house! I would love to go paperless, but I am too technologically challenged for that! Good luck, Fran, can't wait to see your completed projects!

  5. I am so with you on trying to get the paper trail under control early on! As for Kelly - I could move in with her! Love her style...and yours. Hoping you put together a signature style board - already know I would love it!

  6. Girl, I'm with ya on being organized...I'm determined to do better this year! Love the rug...going to check out that link right now. Did you order it online?