Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Great Deal!

The other day I spotted this sawhorse desk on sale at World Market.  I've always liked the minimalist and streamlined look of this desk.

This price ($115 reduced from $230) can't be beat especially for a piece of furniture that is so versatile.  Of course, since I have this piece on my mind, I've been spotting sawhorse desks left and right.  Does that ever happen to you?

I really like the idea of using this desk as a console.  The styling with the baskets really creates a layered look which I love.

For an office, this desk is great.  I really like this look.  I'd take my world market sawhorse table, paint the legs black and replace the top with a piece of custom cut glass.  Do you notice the striped ikea tray on the desk?  Isn't it cute with a vase of flowers and a candle?

You can't go wrong with all white. Clean and minimal - perfect backdrop for a clutter free and fresh office.

Have you seen the most recent issue of Matchbook magazine?  It features the editorial director, Katie Armour's home.  I like how she paired her masculine, streamlined sawhorse-esque desk with a feminine french chair.  

I've always liked the idea of a workspace spanning the length of a wall.  At this price, I'd buy two sawhorse desks and put them next to each other to create a similar look to above.  I would then put a huge bulletin board above the desks just like above.  

So, if you're looking for a versatile piece that won't break the bank, I'd say you can't go wrong with this piece! 


  1. I obviously love this desk as I have it in my son's room (in the dark espresso finish)! Not sure I got that much of a deal on it (we've had it for a while), but even full price it's not bad.

  2. I love the look of these desks, with the x-base they look so modern. The only problem I would have in making them work is storage!


  3. I love this look too and would love to maybe use it in our next house if storage isn't as much of an issue for us. Matchbook is on my list of to-do's this weekend along with all my other reading. Hope all is well!!

  4. It really looks so great...love your idea of tow. I just moved our antique farm table (it's a little narrower) to use as my desk.

  5. Hi Fran, congratulations on your lovely new home. i was able to see it in google reader even though you have removed the post. it looks so much like the homes on my street! i adore it, and i can't wait to see and read about your life there. many blessings to you and your sweet family in your new home! good luck with the start of kindergarten too!! xo, tessa