Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gruss Gott! Week Two.

Sorry for the delayed post.  We had family visit us this past week.  We've only been here two weeks and we were so fortunate to have my brother, my sister in law and my two nephews visit us from Belgium.  My brother, who is in the US Army and working with NATO in Brussels, Belgium had the opportunity to attend a military ball at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna (about 1/2 mile from our apartment).  Ordinarily, he wouldn't have volunteered to come, but with us in town, he piggy-backed a vacation.  So, on Friday night, we got to babysit 4 kids (all under the age of five) while my brother and sister-in-law went to a boring old ball! :)

Aren't they a cute couple?  

Aren't those chandeliers gorgeous??  They look like they are floating in mid air.  Yeah, it does look pretty boring.  I'm glad Kevin and I stayed home with these little monsters. :)

For their last night in town, we cooked a traditional Austrian dinner of Stelze (Schweinshaxe) and sauerkraut paired with weizenbier and rot wein.



Ohhhhh, the carnage!!

J and C, thanks for the wonderful visit.  We'll get you back when we leave the kids with you and go to Paris in the summer! :)


  1. Hello! What a wonderful adventure to live there and to be able to see family and share kids too. I do like your plan to leave your children with them while you go out to a ball. Do I see clear glass slippers in your future for dancing under the chandies?

  2. i have no idea what you had for dinner, but it sure looks yummy! those chandeliers were amazing!

  3. How sweet! I can't imagine an actual ball! With gowns and dancing like that, all proper, so crazy

  4. Such fun! The ball looked amazing!! Glad you are doing so well. Best to you and your sweet family!

    Amy R.

  5. What a life! Glad you are having fun, spending time with family, digging in to the local culture! And jealous you are talking about Paris in the summer!

  6. How wonderful to spend time with your family...and Paris? I'm terribly jealous! And after only two weeks you are already well-versed in traditional Austria meals? So cool.

  7. It all looks like such fun (especially the ball - sorry)! I would definitely take advantage and enjoy some time in Paris - lucky girl!

  8. What a ball! Yeah, I think you need to go to Brussels and attend a ball of your own very soon. (Can you imagine what it would be like to have four kids under the age of 5? Scary.)

  9. Our military balls never look that exciting! How fun!