Thursday, August 18, 2011


I totally planned to post my before and after pictures of our bathroom today, but I'm going to have to do it tomorrow.  I'm in such a rush this morning - I'm sorry.  In the meantime, I realized I never posted some updates to our family/living room.  This is last the picture I posted:



This is now.  I love my target lamps with the gray shades and my zig zag pillow with the chiang mai pillow.  I think the chaing mai pillow has seen better days - my son beats on those pillows non-stop! :)  I promise to post more pictures soon of our living/family room....


  1. Fran, it looks so fresh and happy and chic. I love chaing mai, even rumpled ;-) And the lamp has such presence. Awesome!

  2. Looking lovely! The the extra height of the new lamp!

  3. This little corner is looking great! Great blend of patterns happening with the pillows, too!

  4. LOVE the lamp. Love all sorts of lamps. May have a lamp addiction that requires some sort of professional intervention. I have been eyeing one that I have no need for, yet keep eyeing it and will likely cave. very soon. i never have luck at target or homegoods or thrift stores or any place that could save me a little $$ in the lamp addiction dept. sigh. Have a wonderful weekend, Fran!!

    xo, Tessa