Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sprucing up the office

In my last posts, here and here , I discussed how I am making small changes to spruce up my office.    The picture above was our light fixture in the office.  Yeah, does not make me proud.  So, the latest change I've made is the lighting.  Finding 'cool' light fixture for low ceilings is very hard.  There aren't many options especially when you're limited to flush mount lighting that is not pricey.  I was really inspired by Betsy Burham's workspace in the latest issue of Lonny and I loved her vintage chandeliers she snagged on ebay.  I wanted a lantern look but it needed to be flush mount (and budget friendly).  Averill, from Odi et Amo , kindly suggested a few from Shades of Light after I commented on her lantern in her newly renovated bathroom .

vua here 
I loved all these options, especially the birdcage lantern (middle photo), but the height of the lantern was too long.  And, then out of nowhere, I found the lantern on none other than Overstock !  And, for an amazing price - $27!  Here she is:  
Even though, the color was all wrong, an easy coat of white gloss spray paint fixed that and here she is:


  1. I completely feel your pain. You hit the jackpot though! I love the bulbs you chose to use also. I think little touches are just as important as the big ones :o)

  2. The fixture looks great! I can see a little corner of the pelmet boxes you made and installed... love your fabric choice! I can't wait to see the "after" shot of your new and improved office!

  3. Fran, I love what you ended up picking -- it looks amazing, especially in white. Brava for thinking outside the box (and for getting such a great deal)!

    (And thanks for the mention!)

  4. Don't you love Overstock?! Looks great. I love the coat of white. Your office looks fab!