Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cole Haan Ad Campaign & The Selby

I saw my first glimpse of the 2010 Cole Haan ad campaign on The Selby .  Todd Selby, a portrait, interiors and fashion photographer and illustrator,  features personal spaces of creative individuals on his website, The Selby .  It is hugely popular and Todd's first book called, The Selby is in Your Place , will be released in May 2010.  My good friend introduced me to The Selby and seriously, I can't get enough of it.  Here are some pictures of Cole Haan's Ad Campaign that I'm totally loving right now.


  1. What a great campaign.. love the realness of it! ps - great blog! xo

  2. It's no secret how I feel about Cole Haan! Love, love, love! I had no idea about this campaign! (Or The Selby, for that matter!) Awesome images... great post! Thanks, Fran!

  3. Love those bucks in the top picture - they look great on that green cabinet!