Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Family-friendly Home

My first house is technically my husband's house, which I moved into after we married (3 1/2 years ago).   When I was single, I lived in apartments both in Manhattan (8 years) and Philadelphia (3 years).  I never really decorated either place because I was a workaholic and used my humble abodes strictly for crashing.  How things have changed...

Now, I live to turn our house into a home.  It's like this passion that came out of nowhere.  

I remember seeing the Rucci's home published in BHG in March 2008 thinking this home screams 'casual, family-friendly and fun'.  I like that style (especially when you have kids).  Barbara Rucci, the owner, owns b.rucci studio - a graphic design business and another business that makes eco-friendly quilts (created out of pieces of old clothes).  Her designs are amazing and the quilts are beautiful!  Let's look at her lovely home....

Slipcovers are a great option for a family with small children.  A matelasse slipcover from Calico Corners.

A jute rug, a boot bench coffee table (offers storage inside), and a children's chair create the perfect neutral backdrop for pops of red.  The walls are painted BM's Revere Pewter - a great neutral paint color.  

Need ideas for a mudroom?  Love the shelves above the hooks for family photos.  This is so easy to re-create.  The bench is perfect for little tots to sit on and put on their shoes.

  How fantastic - an art room for the kids!  Love how the children's artwork provides the color against again a neutral background.  And, love the utility sink and the sliding doors!

Her office - love the skirted desk (with the turquoise ric rac trim) and the collage of photos on the wall.

The zinnia motif is repeated throughout the house and I also noticed it in her graphic designs.

Love the exterior of the house and of course, I love the green door and adirondack chairs.  Would love to know the paint color used on the doors and chairs.


  1. O, I do love the back of that house! thanks so much for stopping by to see me and for the 'gray' tip. I will have to check that out. Have fun with your blog - I have found it to be a wonderful outlet. I look forward to checking in with you!

  2. Good Stuff!!! I need to find some cool hooks for my entry way... I love the mudroom. (I wish I had one!) I'm also a big fan of the Rucci's home. It looks so effortless but so comfy and inviting!