Monday, November 21, 2011

Tara Guerard: Champagne and Pink

Have you seen how Tara Guerard's set her dining table for Thanksgiving in this month's issue of Southern Living.  I'm head over heels for it and am loving this color combination of champagne and pink.

Don't you love the bench with the pink pillows?  How fun and unexpected!  In fact, I love this color palette so much it will be the inspiration for my daughter's quilt that my mother in law promised to make for her.

So pretty.

I love this tablecloth with the wide contrasting band!  So dramatic!

Ironed on monograms - brilliant!!  Love how the Lindt chocolates add the pop of pink!  Great styling. 

Love the self serve bar!

So, now I'm on the mad hunt for champagne colored fabric for Elizabeth's quilt!  If you have any recommendations, let me know!  

In the meantime, I wish you all a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.  

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Splash of Pink

I'm not sure it is because I have a little girl, but I'm falling head over heels for interiors with a splash of pink.  At first, I was convinced a pink sofa would be the right amount of pink to make me super happy!

But, after living with a pink sofa in our rental, I can tell you it is not ideal with little kids.  It takes only seconds for my son to finish his lunch and then go dive on the pink sofa with his greasy hands.  Hello stains!  So, I'm reconsidering a pink sofa (unless it is in our master bedroom, but I need to convince my husband of that!) and am now thinking of injecting a splash pink in other ways.

Hello pink chair!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Long Overdue Update

Sorry for the extended absence.  In fact, I've been reading your blogs between feedings, changing and walking Elizabeth, but I haven't had much time to put my thoughts together and write.  Speaking of Elizabeth, she is a little colicky, but we seemed to have turned a corner.  Luke is also well but a bit a lot more needy than he was before her arrival.

While all of this has been going on we packed and moved out of our house, put our stuff in storage and moved into a temporary rental (more on that in a minute).  We also closed on our house.  So, we're officially homeless.  Leaving our house was  harder than I anticipated - our first home together and Luke's first home made it really hard to say good-bye.

Ok. So, now for our new, temporary home.  We're staying in a 1400 square foot home on the CT shore.  It's bright and sunny home and we're really happy here.  And we're literally across the street from the Long Island Sound, with water views from our windows.  If this was summer, we could never afford this!

It's a cute cedar clapboard house with a nice stone patio which we've used for lunches.  The kitchen isn't huge, but it's open clean and bright.

And, it's open to the living room, below.

There are two first floor bedrooms (ours and Elizabeth's) and Luke gets the entire upstairs to himself!  It's his own secret hideout and he loves it.

Other than the occasional jaunts to the beach and napping whenever I can, that 's what has been going on here.

I'm hoping as we settle into more of a routine that I can get back to posting more frequently.