Monday, June 28, 2010

Away on a Mini Vacay

While my husband is away in Sorrento, Italy for work (I know...not too shabby for a work conference), Luke and I will be heading to Nantucket to spend a couple of days with my dear friend (college roommate) and her children.  Should be loads of fun and loads of beach time!  Have a great week everyone!  
Jeffrey Bilhuber

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alan Campbell Textiles

Have you seen this bedroom featured in the latest Traditional Home?  Love!  
For starters, this picture had me when I saw the Nierman Weeks iron canopy bed.  But, then, the alan campbell wallcovering and fabrics drew me in even further.  Is it normal to love every bit of fabric & wallcovering from this collection?  I can't stand it.  For more inspiration from this beautiful home, click here

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Must-Have Goodies

Browsing here and there, I spotted some great pieces for our home.  That I want.  Really, really badly!
LOVE this mirror.  Bella Mirror $275  (ouch!) Anyone seen any cheaper look a likes?

Too cute.  Half Jar bookends $49 

Love copper hues and how cute would this be in a kitchen? $40 

Too pretty.  Line the back of your bookshelves or just frame.  Gold Polka Dot Paper $8 

Parsons Desk in Polished Tumeric $299 

Gingham trays.  Perfect. $18 - $40 

Striped throw. $74 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lindsay Anyon Brier

I spotted this nursery over at raenovate and completely fell in love.  The hand painted horizontal stripes lured me in, but then the color palette of subdued gray paired with white, bright orange and turquoise made me weak in the knees!  It is so refreshing, playful and happy!
The hallway with the vertical stripes leading into the nursery of horizontal stripes is sheer genius!
The pops of orange paired with the white furnishings keeps this room modern and fresh.  I love the bentwood table.  And, that dog, ADORABLE!
I like how the furnishings and textures are mixed.  The velvet charcoal ottoman paired with the denim like white glider.  The natural area rug paired with a glossy changing table.  And, I never thought of this before, but since there are horizontal stripes on the wall, you can get away with very little artwork.  I like that.  A lot!  
The mommy, Lindsay Anyon Brier is an interior designer and is principal of anyon interior design .  Her work is impressive.  Check out her portfolio !

Monday, June 21, 2010

Renovating our bathroom

Thought I'd share an idea board I created for our bathroom we're currently renovating.  This is the first time I have ever used polyvore and it took me a while to figure it out.  Is it me, or is polyvore not intuitive?  

We had limited choices for the vanities due to our small bathroom and our budget! :) I'm not in love with the vanity, but it works because the vanity is only 13" deep. Anything deeper, would have blocked the entry way into the bathroom.  My husband will be doing all the manual labor! And, I mean all! (more details to follow in future posts).
I will be going with a lighter/paler blue paint then the one shown in the idea board. I am not sold on the rug (rephrase: I love this rug, but I'm not sure how it works here)? 
So, what do you think of the idea board? I would love your feedback. In your opinion, what works well and what doesn't? I'm open to other ideas or suggestions if you have them!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love at first sight

This morning I attended an antique show hosted by The Historical Society of Glastonbury and really didn't see much that caught my eye.  And, then, out of nowhere, BAM!  I saw this bumblebee and fell in love.  Don't you love her?  I wanted to take her home with me so badly, but the price stung a little bit.  
The antique dealer's name is Mary Maguire and she specializes in 19th century folk art and other early Americana.  Her booth was full of interesting finds!  She attends Brimfield and can be found at Shelton's field across from J + J Booth # B-52.  

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quick & Easy DIY

This week I was inspired by two posts (in no particular order): Karen's from Strictly Simple Style and Casey's from Loft and Cottage.  Both posts talked about easy DIY projects that you can complete in a day (or less) and that have a big WOW factor.  I tend to get lost (and overwhelmed) at times in the 'big scheme' of my projects that I forget about the little 'DIYs'.  And, because my 'room' is not complete, I don't share or post about my smaller DIYs.  After reading their posts, I decided to post about a small bench that got a makeover earlier this year.   
I found this small bench at the goodwill store for $8.  I liked it but I wanted to update it a bit.  So, I unscrewed the seat and sanded the wood.  
I bought some spray paint - Krylon High Gloss in White ($5). 
I bought some new foam for the cushion ($6) and a 1/4 yard of fabric I liked ($4).   I ripped off the old fabric by removing the staples and re-upholstered it with the foam and new fabric.  I secured the foam and fabric by using a staple gun.  And, here is the finished bench.
It now sits at the end of our bed in the master bedroom.  I really like how the fabric on the bench complements the bolster on our bed.
Total cost for this quick and easy DIY: $18!   Sometimes, it is all about the little things!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Pipe Dream

I think piping is hot!  Like nailhead, it is a detail that can make upholstered furniture really shine.  
One of these days I would like to have this irresistible extra level of detail added to my solid colored upholstered pieces.
Do you notice how this slim fabric cord in a contrasting color gives this sofa some pizazz?  It's brilliant!
Why not take an old slipcover and bring it to your local upholsterer and tell him/her you want a thin contrast welt (probably no larger than a quarter inch) on all seams? 
How about a cushion?  I love how the black contrasting piping on the white cushion ties everything together! 
So, do you love contrast piping as much as I do?  Do you own any furniture pieces with piping; if so, please share!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We're off....

via here
for the weekend!  We're taking a little road trip down to my home base, Philadelphia!  Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bloglovin': Dwellers Without Decorators

My friend emailed me yesterday saying she had found a blog and was completely inspired by the blogger's master bedroom.  

Suze Yalof Schwartz, a fashion editor of Glamour magazine, is the owner of the blog Dwellers Without Decorators and she shares in detail (she kindly lists her resources) her amazing, newly renovated New York apartment.  
I am completely smitten with her aesthetic and I leave you now so you can enjoy her beautiful interiors.  Oh, and one last note, she is a woman after my heart with a Madeline Weinrib rug in each of her rooms!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sneak Peek: Big boy's room

Finally, I am ready to show you a corner of my son's new big boy room.  But, only a corner!  The rest of the room is still in progress.  So far, I am really happy with how it is turning out.  Here it is (after):
The walls are painted Benjamin Moore White Dove.  I found the vintage '3' number sign at Anthropologie for 50% off - so appropriate since my son just turned three.  I framed three vintage Guinness post cards that my husband bought in Ireland and hung them in a frame above the built in drawers (My husband is Irish, need I say more?).  
Remember, I was trying to find inexpensive bookracks?  Well, one night I was complaining to my husband that I couldn't find anything inexpensive that I liked.  He, then asked me, "How about I try and build you one?"  And, I was like, "Are you serious?"  And, being the wonderful husband that he is, he said, "Yes."  And, that was music to my ears!
We spent the next half hour or so drawing a sketch (based on a picture I showed him) - him asking me questions here and there.  He did all the math and figured out all the measurements.  And, then he proceeded to take the next couple of nights (after the son was in bed) to build it using all scrap wood we had leftover in our basement.
He used dowel rods (cylinder rods) to keep the books from falling out.  He painted it white and I cannot believe how awesome of a job he did.  It turned out better than I imagined and literally we paid nothing for it.  $0!! He did such a great job.  He used toggle bolts to secure it to the wall and viola, it was ready for all of Luke's books.
Prior to the big boy room transformation, this is a snapshot of the same corner before we painted it (before).
It's come a long way.  I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm really happy with how things are progressing.  Below is a snapshot of some (not all! elements I plan on using in his new room.  I'm not revealing everything,  because I definitely want there to be some surprises!
If you remember, I found the spindle head and foot board for $35 at an antique store.  I picked out a warm brown color, Benjamin Moore's Natura (zero VOC) Maryville Brown and my husband painted it.  The duvet cover is from Ikea.  I plan on doing a framed series above his bed of cut out pages from his favorite book, 'Caps for Sale' in natural Ribba frames .  I found the map at a consignment store and it is perfect because it reflects the colors of his room (yellowish green, warm brown with hints of turquoise and red).  
So, that is it for now.  What do you think?  Stay tuned for more.....hopefully, soon!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Today, I'm loving...

Wisteria , a mail-order catalog, known for unique home furnishings typically cheaper than many of the trendy (more expensive) items we love.  Won't you join me as I pick out a few of my favorite pieces?
 Who doesn't love a good spindle?  While not the hickory spool chair, this chair is a pretty close second.
I can't get enough acrylic/lucite these days.  I don't understand why acrylic is so expensive, but you have to admit this adorable side table would look wonderful in any living space. 
I had to throw a little nautical in the mix.  Cool, fresh and coastal.  So fun. 

I'm really not sure what these are?  Supposedly, glass fishing floats.  But, I think they would look very interesting with a vignette of some sort.
You know me, I love a good artichoke .  Those of you searching for one this artichoke on a stand is a great one.  And, these planters are perfection.
An oldie, but goodie.  I adore this inlaid bone flower tray.  I want it!  So, are there any favorites you'd like to share?